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Should we pay to avoid ads?

vvratusa Jan 2, 2009

We will soon have to decide whether we should pay a little in order to avoid ads, to have more storage space than 2GB and few other privileges.

vvratusa Sep 19, 2014

It is not any more the question of adds.I thought that seriousness of scientific research and from it inseparable educational aims of our virtual meeting point and internet network was recognized by Wikispaces and for that reason that we were freed from adds. Now we are given the deadline of November 14 to decide what to do. Please visit this page and leave here your thought what and how should we react to demand to recategorize, upgrade, or export the contents of our wiki internet forum

vvratusa Sep 23, 2014

Dear colleagues, thanks to the understanding of the wikispaces team, our RC10 internet forum and on line research network is categorized and upgraded as part of the higher education free plan. Let it be the stimulation to us all to use even more than up until now the interactive participatory learning, research, communication and publication capabilities of our wiki.

gayle_underwood Sep 24, 2014

Nicely done Vera!

vvratusa Feb 13, 2018

Dear colleagues and friends,
You have maybe already seen the text in the window on the top of every page of our ISA RC10 Internet Forum, which appeared today: It's time for us to say farewell… l.

I am still in shock due to the above message I received from the wikispaces today that they are closing down. This means that we must move all the contents to another place by july, and if we, that is I, as an organizer of our ISA RC10 internet forum, do not do this, all contents and documents will be permanently deleted.

I am looking for solutions, where to move all the material gathered since 2008 until today and even before, since I copied all the contents of the site made by Michal, and included data I came across during my own research of the history of our ISA RC10, and uploaded it within numerous sections of RC1 internet forum, like self-reflection, organizing and posting contributions to past and forthcoming conferences and commenting them, creating specialized networks for planning and conducting common research of selected problems, announcing and discussing RC10 statutes, past and future Boards, Budget, RC10 NEWSLETTER, calls for papers, on line courses , projects, virtual meetings, publications, proposal of relevant job ads, in memory, petitions, links …
Any suggestions where to move, would be most than welcome.
I am presently exploring the possibility to make a copy of ISA RC10 internet Forum on the server of the Belgrade university,Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, at, since the moodle program has even better interaction capabilities than wikispaces shutting down.
Vera Vratuša

vvratusa May 24, 2018

Frequent visitors of our Internet forum wiki at the old address, , must have noticed on the top of all the sub-pages the warning text: "It's time for us to say farewell… Regretfully, we've made the tough decision to close Wikispaces. Find out why, and what will hapen, here "
Thanks to the courtesy of Belgrade University Faculty of Philosophy Department of Sociology, we are given for free this new move all the content until July 30 2018, when all the wikis on the Wikispaces will be permanently erased. Having in mind that program platforms of wikispaces and moodle are not directly convertible, the job that awaits creator and organizers of this moodle "course" is formidable and therefore all help of IT wizards is more than welcome.

vvratusa Jul 16, 2018

Please see the progress of transferring of the contents of the ISA RC10 internet forum from wikispaces to the new address at, fill out the log in form at as soon as possible. so that there does not come to discontinuity in the functioning of our virtual meeting pointl

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