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Upcoming deadlines for abstract selection and preliminary program composition
by Vera Vratuša - Saturday, November 5, 2022, 12:26 PM

Here are some important dates:

Abstract selection: 7 October – 7 November 2022

  • Session Organizers must mark all abstracts in their session as "Accepted" or "Rejected" and provide a final presentation designation (oral or distributed).
  • Session Organizers can transfer good quality abstracts unsuited for the session to the Program Coordinator's bin for transfer to another session. (Note: abstract transfers should be done as early as possible so that abstracts may be transferred by the program coordinator to other sessions.)
  • Session Organizers add Chairs, Co-Chairs, Discussants, Panelists to their sessions.

Notification letters: 2 December 2022
Confex will automatically send out notification letters to all authors informing them of their acceptance status and presentation type.

Hybrid Format Rules
Oral sessions may include virtual presentations, but must include 80% in-person presentations to qualify for a hybrid format. Otherwise, they will be virtual sessions. The session format will be decided after the early registration deadline (March 22, 2023).

Roundtable, Poster, Ad Hoc, Author Meets Critics, Associations of Sociology, and Professional Development sessions will be in-person only.

Thanks for helping to make the XX ISA World Congress of Sociology a success!

The ISA Abstract System Support Team