At the same time as the Research Committee on Participation, Workers' Control and Self-Management
was officially recognized at ISA Uppsala Congress (August, 1978); it developed a three-session program as an Ad Hoc Group 2...
14 papers were presented in these sessions, from people of many countries: USA (5), Yugoslavia (2), Canada (2), Australia (1), Denmark (1), France (1), The Netherlands (1), Sweden (1).
At the first business meeting held in Uppsala (August 78) it was accepted the idea to establish closer cooperation with 2 other RCs, namely Sociology of Organization (RC 17) and COCTA (RC 35). Other organisms and groups of interest to contact were: "Cornell Group”, CICRA and EGOS (we don't have information on these organizations).
The RC was also interested in having some publicity in publications such as ISA Bulletin, CICRA Newsletter, Organizational Studies, and Economic and Industrial Democracy. In the latter two, it was suggested to submit interesting papers that are not being published in the Sage Series.
An attempt would be made to arrange 2 workshops per year, each on a selected theme. At the same time, it was planned to encourage the constitution of smaller groups of 20-30 members, specialized on particular problems and/or on a regional base.
source: Isa Bulletin __30__

Ad Hoc Group 2
Participation, self-management and worker’s control

Gorana Kovacica 2, Zagreb 41000, Yugoslavia

B. Abrahamsson
Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Uppsala,751 20 Uppsala, Sweden

Session 1: Political conditions for generalized self-management

Steven Deutsch
Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Oregon Eugene, Oregon 97403, USA

Stefan Udovic
Swedish Inst. fo Social Research, FACK 1069, Stockholm, Sweden

Topics include: Macro-social theories of change and self-management; the role of the State and military in self-management; issues of centralism and decentralism; etatism, transnationalism, the international system and imperialism.

Session 2: The democratization of enterprises

Bjorn Gustavsen
Work Research Institute
Gydes Vei 8, P.O. Box 8149
Oslo 1, Norway

Veljko Rus
Institute for Philosophy and Sociology
Cankarjeva 1
61000Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

The aim of this session is to give an overview of developments as concerns industrial democracy with a view to sorting out and discussing the trends that are of particular importance at the moment.

Session 3: Local communities, minorities and self-management

Chair –
Yvon Bourdet
Il Place d’Orion
92360 Meudon la Foret, France
Ken Coates
Bertrand Rusell Foundation
Gamble St., Nottingham NG7 GET, UK

Menahem Rosner
Kibbutz Reshafim
Post Beit Shean, Israel
Zagorka Golubovic
Georgi Dimitrova 51, 110000 Beograd, Yugoslavia

source: Isa Bulletin 16

AdHoc Participation, self-management and 2 workers' control Co-Organizers-

R.Supek,  GoranaKovacica 2, Zagreb 41000Dept. of Sociology,Univ.of ZagrebYugoslavia

B.Abrahamsson , Uppsala75120Uppsala,Sweden

Chair-Rapporteur-Steven Deutsch Stefan Udovic, Dept. of Sociology,Univ. of Oregon, Swedish Inst.for Social Research, FACKEugene, Oregon97403,U.S.A.1069


Topics include:

-macro-sooial  theories of chanqe and self-manaqemerit;

-the roleof the State and military in self-manaqemeni;

-political movements, parties and self-government;

-issues of centralization and decentralization; statism.transnationalism, the international system and imperialism;

-participation, autogestion et controle des travailleurs

Session1:Political conditions for generalazied self-manaqement

Session 2:The democratization of  the enterprises - discassing the trends

Session3:Local commrunities,minorities and self-management

Session 4:Culture,humanism and self-management.

Chair-Bjorn GustavsenWork Research Institute, Gydes P.O. Box 8149 Oslo 1, Norway

Rapportieur-Veljko Rus Institute for Philosophy&Sociology Cankarjeva 161000Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, IndustriaL democracy …sorting out

Rapporteur-Menahem Rosner Kibbutz Reshafim Poste Beit Shean, Israel

Zagorka Golubovic, Georgi Dimitrova 51,11000 Beograd, Yugoslavia  - an overview

Chair-Yvon Bourdet11 Place d 'Orion92360 Meudon laForet,France

Ken Coates Bertrand Russe11 FoundationGamblese.,NottinghamNG74ET.

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